WebsterBSC is Tasmania’s leading supplier of automotive products and accessories. Our comprehensive product range includes drive shafts, timing kits, wheel bearing kits, universal joints and automotive belts.


Drive shafts

Drive shafts are used to connect components of a drive train. Their main purpose is to transmit torque and enable rotation by allowing for movement between the components or to accommodate for distance between the components when they are difficult to connect.


Timing kits

A timing belt is usually a toothed belt, while a timing chain is a roller chain. The belt or chain works to synchronise the motion of an engine’s camshaft and crankshaft’s rotation with the engine vales, allowing them to open and close at the correct times.


Wheel bearing kits

Our kits suit all automotive types and contain high-quality bearings, seals and components to ensure maximum performance.

Universal joints
Universal joints come in various shapes, sizes and configurations. They are used to connect rigid rods where the axes are not in line with each other, allowing for rotary motion/and or the transmission of torque. 


Automotive belts

These belts work with the idler, tensioner and pulleys, inside a car engine, to provide power for the air conditioning compressor, an alternator, power steering pump, cooling system water pump etc.

We also stock antifriction bearings, bearing kits, housing units, integrated bearing assemblies and precision assemblies, clutch and gearbox bearings, timing belt tensioners and kits, and so much more.

To find out more about our comprehensive automotive range, and how we can better service your needs, please contact us