WebsterBSC is proud to sell E-Plas, Engineering and Performance Plastics Specialists, products. E-Plas have been leaders in providing solutions through plastic material innovation and development to a diverse range of industry in Australia.

E-Plas engineered plastics products include:

SUSTAMID® - 6G monomer cast nylons

SUSTAGLIDE® - performance enhanced nylon

SUSTASPEED® - super tough nylon

SUSTAMID® 6 - extruded nylon

SUSTAMID® 66 - extruded copolymer nylon

SUSTAMID® 12 - high impact nylon

SUSTAMID® 46 - high temperature nylon

SUSTARIN® - acetals (pom)

SUSTANAT® - polycarbonate

SUSTADUR® - PETP (thermoplastic polyester)

SUSTA®PEEK - very high temperature high performance (polyetheretherketone)

SUSTA®SON® - high temperature hydrolysis resistant (polyphenysulphone)

SUSTA®TRON® - high temperature high performance (polyphenylene sulphide)

SUSTA®PEI - flame retardant high temperature performance (polyetherimide)

SUSTA®PVDF - chemical resistant high temperature (polyvinyldene fluoride)

SUSTA®PPE - high temperature electrical insulating (polyphenylene ether)

SUSTA®VACU - vacuum formable glass reinforced nylon

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